Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel reading was about someone asking Me if it was lawful to divorce a wife. I said to them that Moses allowed divorce because of their hard hearts, but it was not meant that way from the beginning. When a man and woman are married, they are joined as one flesh, and they have made a commitment to be faithful to each other for life. Not everyone can accept this way of life, and that is why My Church in certain circumstances allows annulments. This love in a marriage between a man and a woman is the model that I chose to show My love for My Church. I am the Groom and My Church is My bride. My agape love is on a higher level than your earthly love. Your society has been built around the family as the basic unit where children are born and raised with a loving father and mother. When one parent is taken away, or in same sex marriages, the children are found lacking emotionally, and they miss a father or mother image in their upbringing. This is why your society is in chaos because of divorce, living together in fornication, and same sex unions. Only a third of your households have a mother and father according to your latest census. This is why married people need to strive to compromise with each other so they can live to help each other in love and faith. I am the third partner in every marriage, so My love and My angels are protecting the family from any attacks caused by your society. Those married people, who have stayed together for a long time, are a good example to all newly married couples. Pray for all married couples to stay together in their love and My love.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a sidewalk breaking up is a sign of how America will be breaking up from a bankruptcy caused by the one world people. You are seeing a decline in America both from an increasing debt and a moral failure. Increasing your taxes will only be used for more spending. It is one thing to reform taxes so everyone pays, but almost half of your people are not paying taxes because they are on government assistance. Many entitlements cannot be afforded, and your Congress needs to cut the increases and new additions. If they are not reduced, then these programs will fail because of insufficient funds. The moral decay in America is why you are failing. I am the one who has made your country great. When you do not pray and worship Me, then your blessings will be withdrawn, and you will fail to be great. It is your abortions and sexual sins that are drawing you down. Keep praying for peace, poor sinners, the souls in purgatory, and the stoppage of abortions. Pray for your country and the right leaders that could balance your budgets, and bring souls back to Me.”