Friday, August 13, 2010:

Friday, August 13, 2010: (St. Pontian & St. Hippolytus)
Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you can see how the spider sets his web to ensnare his prey of unsuspecting insects. There is a parallel in the spirit world where the demons also try to ensnare souls in the traps of their temptations to sin. Man is weak to sin because of Adam’s Fall, and he needs to be wary of these sins of temptation, even when they look desirable from an earthly point of view. I have given you My Ten Commandments as a guideline for living a holy life. By loving Me and your neighbor, you will be led to follow a proper behavior for being one of My faithful disciples. You are sinners, and you have learned what sins that you commit most frequently. Learn from your mistakes and avoid situations or near occasions of sin, so you do not keep committing the same sins again. The demons prey on your bodily weaknesses, so keep in daily prayer and frequent Confession so you can avoid sin, and the many snares of sin from the web of Satan.”

Jesus said: “My people, the government people, who are working with the chemtrails in the sky, are also coordinating their work with the people controlling the HAARP machine. There are certain times when you see chemtrails crossed to form an ‘X’. This is a convenient method to direct the HAARP machine to cause droughts or large rainstorms in that area. These people can also enhance virus diseases with the microwaves being used to carry a disease. It is quite amazing that your people have not complained more about the use of chemtrails and the weather effects of the HAARP machine. If investigations were ordered to look into what purpose they were serving, many would desire to stop this effect on your health and natural disasters. Much information about these technologies is available on the internet, but there are not any grassroot groups to stop them. These are just a few more black ops being run secretly for the one world people’s interests. Pray that people become more informed on what the chemtrails and HAARP machine are being used for.”