Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016: (St. Jane Frances de Chantal)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel speaks about divorce when I was asked about why Moses allowed a writ of divorce. There is a first consideration if the marriage is valid, and if there were any impediments as not bringing up the children in the faith, or even having children. When people get married, they should be focused on a life long commitment to making the marriage work over the years. You are not married just for pleasure, but you are marrying the whole person, body and soul. This is why it is best to be both in the same faith with a strong belief in Me. I have mentioned before that a couple who prays together, will have a more successful marriage. A love of spouses is needed where one spouse should not overly dominate the other. You need compromises so you each are trying to please the other in everything, as much as possible. With prayer and true devotion to each other, marriages can last a long time. Your focus should be always to love the spouse, and avoid any thoughts of divorce over any small inconveniences. Just as I love all of you forever, married couples should also try to love each other as long as possible.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you see people walking around on your main streets, you do not see them as I see them. A good share of these people are walking around with black souls of mortal sin. You have difficulty looking at certain politicians, but imagine how hard it is for Me to see people who do not know Me in love with their black souls. Those souls, who love Me, warm My heart, but other souls love themselves and their idols of money, possessions, and sports. I am the Creator of all men and women, but only My faithful acknowledge My love and My Kingship. This is why I will bring My Warning to wake up all sinners to show them that they can only come to heaven through Me. They will be shown their life review, and they will have My mini-judgment of their lives. Some people with these black souls will actually feel and see what hell is like. They will be put back into their bodies to have a second chance to repent of their sins, and accept Me as their Savior. Some people will be converted in the Warning, but others will refuse to love Me because they love their sinful pleasures more than Me. I am asking My prayer warriors to pray for poor sinners, so some of them could be saved from hell.”