Friday, April 9, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, whenever I was with My disciples fishing, they always had a large catch of fish, even after they had fished and had caught nothing. My disciples went back to their old profession, and they needed My inspiration to have more dedication to carrying on My mission of fishing for souls instead of fish. My appearances after My death did encourage them and gave them hope. After I was killed, they were still fearful at times to speak out. As the Holy Spirit gave them courage, they were more outspoken as with the crippled man that they healed in My Name. They did not have it easy because of the persecution from the Romans and the Jewish leaders. Even My faithful of today can take a lesson from these readings in that you need to trust in Me to help you through life. When you pray for My help, you will see how I lighten your burdens and give you peace. Focus on letting Me lead your life, and you will be accomplishing more beautiful things for My glory.”