Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010: (St. Pius V)
 Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel of St. John I told My apostles that I was going to prepare a place for them. In My house in heaven there are many mansions for every soul that comes to heaven. When people die, many souls come to Me in judgment through this same tunnel. The vision of many lights means that a large number of souls will be coming to Me all at once when the great Warning experience comes to everyone on earth. This will be like a near death experience because you will come to Me out of your body, outside of time. There will be no waiting, but you will see how your actions will be judged as if you died just then. Once you have your life review and mini-judgment, you will have My grace and My mercy to return to your bodies, and you will have an opportunity to repent and change your lives. Once you have this knowledge of your sins, you will be held more accountable for the rest of your life. This Warning will be a preparation for your final judgment and the tribulation. There will be a great need for priests for Confessions as you evangelize souls, and these souls will be more open to repentance. Then there will be no more questions of where they will be going.”

(Camille’s Mass) Camille said: “I was happy to see that you found out about my Mass today. You may have to check when these Mass intentions are being said. As you saw in the vision about the car, it was good that you got it fixed for inspection in order to sell it. I always had a problem with that engine light going on. I have been turning lights on and off, but that engine light was one to keep off. I am still changing lights to let you know that I am watching over all of you. Take good care of your mother, and tell her how I am looking out for her out of love.”