Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016:

Jesus said: “My people, in this Easter Season you see signs of new life in nature among the flowers and trees. Your daylight is getting longer, and temperatures are generally warmer. Your spiritual life also is feeling joyful as you celebrate the glory of My Resurrection. When nature is bursting with new life, it gives your souls new life as well. You will soon be celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday, so continue your Novena prayers, and try to get to Confession this Saturday as part of your plenary indulgence preparations. In today’s Gospel I showed the apostles My resurrected body, and another miraculous catch of fish. I gave them more inspiration to go out and evangelize people to faith in Me. I empowered My apostles with healing gifts as they healed the lame beggar. These miracles were instrumental in making many conversions. Remember when you have healing gifts to use them whenever you can, or you could lose your gift.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you raise your expectations about certain events, you are greatly disappointed when events are not as special as you thought they would be. To avoid being disappointed, do not think great things will happen at your events. Think of things as all being equal, and you can be thankful if something is better than normal. At times you may desire something that is hard to get, and you have to wait a long time to receive it. It is your anticipation of receiving something new that drives you to desire things. Once you obtain it, you realize that it was not as great as it was advertised, and you soon grow tired of it as it becomes obsolete, and you want a new device again. This is the problem with things of the world because they are cold, and they do not satisfy your soul as I do. So do not make earthly things or people idols in your eyes because you will be disappointed with them over time. I am the most desired Person that your soul will be satisfied to be in My Presence, because I will not disappoint you. Love the One who will always love you, because even earthly people can reject you, but I will never reject you. You are My creation out of love, and I will love you even when you sin against Me. I desire that you return to My love by repenting of your sins in Confession. Then you can be reunited with My love.”