Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013: (St. Paul’s conversion in the reading)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s first reading you are seeing how Saul had a huge conversion to become St. Paul. A great light forced him off of his horse, and he was blind for three days. He was changed from one who was destroying My Church into its most powerful missionary, including all of his epistles to the various cities. St. Paul’s letters have given you beautiful teachings for life on many different subjects of faith. St. Paul is a model for all of My faithful to go out to all the nations to share My words of salvation of My death and Resurrection. My son, I have healed your own addiction to computer programming so you could be prepared to be one of My missionaries to spread My messages about the end times, and My protection at My refuges. You have been given many skills and talents to spread My messages by word of mouth, the written word in your books, the internet messages, DVD presentations, and your own speaking in various cities. My faithful need to be informed about the coming tribulation, and the eventual need to protect their souls and lives at My refuges. Your words of love, teachings, and warnings are the words that I have given you to share with the people. Keep working in faith to spread My messages, for your reward will be great in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, some refuges may be tunnels or caves to stay. When you bring your backpacks, you will have some food, water, and some clothes. You should also bring some pans and implements for eating, as well as some windup flashlights. Your tent and sleeping blanket can provide a sealed environment from bugs and moisture. You may need some coats for the cool cave temperatures. I will still make My people invisible to the evil ones, and I will multiply your food and water. My angels will give you daily Communion, even in your cave. You will need to stay near the opening of the cave for enough oxygen. My refuges will provide a safe place during the tribulation of less than 3½ years. You may suffer a rustic living for a time, but you will have My reward in the Era of Peace, and later in heaven. This tribulation time will be your purgatory on earth, so be patient for My coming victory over evil.”