Friday, April 18, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, some people have a deeper feeling for knowing the roots of their family name than others. Some even research their ancestry back several hundred years. This coat of arms in the vision is a sign of who your family is. All of you have roots that eventually lead back to the first man, Adam. Years ago knights would wear their family coat of arms on their shields. You may not need shields in your physical world, but you do need shields and protection in the battle of good and evil with the demons in the spiritual world. Those souls, who are struggling to reach heaven, know of this battle of your spirit against the desires of the body. It is a daily fight that you wage against the temptations of the world and the devil. In every action you must choose between Me and the world. Your goal should be to know, love, and serve Me, which means avoiding sin against My Commandments. Some souls, who are more worldly, do not even realize that there is a battle going on for souls because they have lost their shame of sin. I call on My faithful to pick up your crosses and follow Me because your battle shield is using My protection and that of your guardian angel. You are to wear the armor of your faith and blessed sacramentals to protect you from the demons. The more you allow evil and sin into your life, the weaker you will be in fighting off temptations. So keep strong against the evil one by calling on My Name against him, having a good prayer life, and going to at least monthly Confession. Not only should you fight to save your own soul, but you should also fight the evil ones in saving and protecting other souls in the world who may be weak against sin.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you an inside picture of what it will be like when prisoners, who refused chips in the body, are sent to the detention center death camps. There is no doubt that the intention of the one world people is to eliminate the religious and patriotic people that they detest. They will gas their prisoners with toxic gases to kill large numbers at a time. Then they will cremate the bodies in very hot incinerators to get rid of the bodies. This elimination of those on their hit list is in addition to the large number of people that they will kill with deadly viruses from the chem trails. Those, who want to be martyrs, can stay in their homes and the men in black will carry you off to the death chambers as in Nazi Germany during World War II. Those, who want to be protected at My refuges, will call on My Name and I will direct your guardian angel to lead you to the nearest refuge of protection. Trust in Me and I will make you invisible to your enemies so you can be shielded from them harming you. Give praise and glory to your Lord as you thank Me for providing you these refuges of protection by My angels. Be patient and you soon will see your reward in My Era of Peace.”