Friday, April 17, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, before My apostles received the Holy Spirit for their mission, they wanted to go back to their old ways of fishing. Their first attempt caught nothing, but I performed a miracle of a large catch of fish for them. Then I reminded them of their new mission for Me which is that they will now be fishers of men instead of searching for fish. On the Sea of Tiberias I had breakfast with My apostles and later I tested St. Peter on his love for Me three times as he denied Me three times. The apostles realized that I performed many miracles to support their faith in Me, but they were still weak in their old ways. People in general want to follow their own ways instead of following My ways. It takes grace from My sacraments to build up your spiritual strength so you can focus more on My mission for your life instead of following your own will. Every morning you should consecrate everything over to Me in your morning offering so you are thinking more to please Me than your own worldly desires. Trust in Me for everything and I will provide for all of your needs.”
At Mt. Carmel House after Communion I could see a vision of Rose and Raoul together, as they are very close. Jesus said: “My people, this is the second 70th Wedding Anniversary that you have attended within a week and it is a rarity to see both Anniversaries celebrated on the same day as they were married in the same year. Rose and Raoul have had many special years together, and they are a witness of true fidelity to each other, and an example to others in a world of divorce and living together. They are living proof that couples can stay married for life if they make a true commitment to each other. I have always been a part of their marriage, and I share My love with all married couples, because marriage is a sign of My love for My Church. My Church is the bride and I am the Groom. There is also another anniversary to be celebrated, and that is the 25th Anniversary of the starting of Mt. Carmel House as a home for the dying. Rose and Raoul have made this house their life work, and their donation of time and money as well. It is not easy to run a home for the dying and schedule all of the workers for these many years. I commend them for their generosity in providing a comfortable place for the dying people to come to. They and all of the workers are storing up treasure in heaven for all of these beautiful good deeds for others. Again, rejoice in celebrating all of these anniversaries.”