February 6, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013: (St. Paul Miki & companions)
Jesus said: “My people, years ago there were gold rushes in California and Colorado, and also oil wells in Texas. Where valuable resources as gold and oil are found, people rush there in an attempt to get rich quick. In the latest natural gas and oil rush, people are exploiting the oil shale with fracking to make big money on the enormous deposits in various places across your nation. There are estimates that America could be energy independent from all of its oil imports once these new sources are developed. In one sense these resources should be shared wealth for the people in these oil rich states. This is where the greed of some people takes over, and they exploit the land for money and leave behind poisoned water wells. Very little care is taken in disposing of the toxic chemicals that are used in extracting the oil and gas. Oil has been called ‘liquid gold’ as seen in the vision. This new found fuel is good for your country, but only a few rich people will benefit the most. This will provide more jobs if this new source is properly managed. Many people are seeking wealth in this world, but it should not be treated as a god or an idol because I am the only One worthy of your worship.”

Jesus said: “My people, this first vision of an eagle losing its talons is a sign that America will so reduce its defenses, that your country will be open to attack and conquest. You have seen plans by your current Administration to reduce your number of nuclear weapons to near zero. This is a plan for near unilateral disarmament which could be opposed by the majority of your people. The second vision from underwater is about more underwater earthquakes that could cause worse tsunamis than a recent Santa Cruz 8.0 earthquake that caused a five foot tsunami. Recent tsunamis have killed thousands of people as a result of some large underwater earthquakes. Some of these earthquakes have been started by the HAARP machine with the purpose of reducing the population. Be prepared for more large earthquakes that could even cause disasters and deaths in America. Pray that My faithful will be protected at My refuges before major disasters start killing thousands of people.”