(America-bankruptcy & takeover; Swine flu-cause & solution) February 17, 2009

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see car companies and financial stocks about to declare bankruptcy. Jesus said: “My people, how many times are you going to listen to these deteriorated stock leaders complain that they are too big to fail and need to be bailed out by your taxpayers? It was never the taxpayer’s money that was supposed to support the car makers and the banks who all made their own errors in judgment. Even if there would be some bankruptcies, continued drains of borrowed money will not solve their problems and will only add to a monstrous debt that could bankrupt your country. Those, who made bad choices, should suffer the consequences, and not the frugal taxpayer having their own hard times. Many are doubtful if your stimulus plan and bank mortgage plans are going to solve your recession. The amount of money needed to fix your crisis is too much to try and solve with more taxes or more borrowing. This crisis was purposely created to bankrupt your country, so you will soon reap the consequences of this plan. The solution of martial law, a North American Union, and a new ‘amero’ currency is a solution of the one world people to form a global government. Be prepared to go to My refuges because your imminent takeover is not far off. Global government will not solve your financial problem, but it will make it worse as your rights and your jobs will be taken away and given to other countries. Pray for My protection at My refuges for you will need full trust in My help.”
June 18, 2009:
I could see some men digging a hole and this was to indicate that the recent Swine flu was man-made. Jesus said: “My people, you know that the flu season starts in October and is usually over in February. This latest outbreak of Swine flu has been designated a pandemic, but it is completely out of season. This flu is not just a mutation, but it has all the signs of a laboratory man-made disease. This first wave has been spread very easily, but it has thus far not killed very many people. This H1N1 virus has similarities to the Spanish flu that killed millions of people. The same evil ones, who developed this disease, could just as easily generate a more virulent form that could attack your population in October with more deaths occurring. This is why you need masks and food storage to weather this coming outbreak. Build up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. As you see larger numbers dying from this new virus, then you are to call on Me to lead you to My refuges. There you will look upon My luminous cross and drink the healing spring waters which will protect you from all diseases and deadly viruses, or bacteria.”