(Abortion-hear cries of killings; America-lost freedoms as punishment) January 22, 2009: (Row vs. Wade-abortion decision)

At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see a thermometer and the temperature reading got colder reflecting the icy cold hearts favoring abortion. Jesus said: “My people, your newly elected President and Congress have an agenda to remove any restrictions on abortion forcing health care workers and Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. Your protest march in Washington, D.C. is an ongoing struggle against the one world people’s death culture which supports abortions and all the other threats against life. Your people have voted these death culture supporters into office and soon you will reap these actions to threaten life even more. The consequences of these actions will bring a heavier judgment against America for killing My babies. Your natural disasters, financial problems, and terrorist threats are waiting as your punishment, with the ultimate test in your country’s takeover. My justice will fall against America by the hands of your enemies, just as Israel was exiled by their enemies for worshiping false gods. Repent of your sins and pray to stop your abortions, or you will suffer the consequences.”