Camping overnight: (experience refuge living; winter harder) June 25, 2009: (8-7-09)

I could see someone putting up a tent on the way to a refuge. Jesus said: “My people, those, who have gone camping, know the comforts they like as they pitch their tents. Some may like pads over the ground for sleeping and easy ways for making fires with gas instead of wood fires. The difficulty with some of these comforts is that they may be too heavy to carry into rural areas with woods and grassy plains. You need to limit what you take to My refuges and bear with some penances. You had to deal with uncomfortable bedding and various noises of nature that kept you from sleeping. The quiet mornings were very conducive for prayer while others were asleep. You have many gifts to be thankful for, but preparing to live in the wild can be a trying experience. Trust that I will protect you wherever My angels will lead you.”