Identity defined: (red and blue lists, Antichrist) June 4, 2009: (8-3-09)

At the Eternal Father prayer group at Holy Name Adoration I could see someone’s eyes, then a view of cameras on the highway, a view from a camera in a cable box, and a view from military satellites in the sky. Jesus said: “My people, with all the latest technology for capturing pictures of people, it is easy for the one world people to have a profile of everyone in your country. They can track which church you go to, which bank you visit, and what checks you write and to whom. They view your bank accounts and other assets. With such an invasion of your privacy they know a list of people that need to be silenced for the new world order. One view, that they will not be able to see, is when you leave for My refuge and where you are going because My angels will make you invisible to all the evil one’s high technology equipment. Trust in My protection even against the power of the Antichrist.”
I could see a guard tower at a detention center death camp. Jesus said: “My people, just as there are many refuges for the protection of My faithful, so there are hundreds of detention center death camps that are large enough to kill millions of Americans who do not want to go along with the new world order. The evil ones have red and blue lists to pick up religious and patriotic people before and after a manufactured martial law is declared. I will warn My faithful when this will happen. Some will be martyred, but the remainder will be at My refuges. I will protect your souls from the evil ones, so have no fear.”