(Fires and disasters – punishment for bad movies) June 8, 2009

At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see a forest on fire from heat lightning in a dry or drought condition. Jesus said: “My people, every year in the summer time you face the potential problem of forest fires. Brush growth from the spring dries out from less rainfall giving fuel for any fires that could be started with dry lightning, or man-made fires. This condition has been most prevalent in the West, but it has occurred also in Florida. These areas could pray for moist, cooler conditions to minimize these fire conditions. When you see such fires, you could pray for the safety of the fire fighters and less damage and danger to the people living near these fires. At times such natural disasters can serve as a punishment for the sins of the people. People, who build houses next to these possible forest fires, should know the risks they take, and be ready to evacuate when warned of coming fires. I love My people and I want to protect you from harm, but you need to be prudent in where to build your houses and in avoiding sin.”