Sainthood: (need God’s graces & sacraments, give free will to God) February 5, 2009: (7-7-09)

At St. Lawrence Church after Communion I was led into a school of life where each grade represented another decade of life in both the physical and spiritual life. Jesus said: “My people, life is like this school house where you are constantly learning things of the world, and growing in your faith experience with Me. You are not born with a full knowledge of anything. Everything you do has to be a learned experience, and some skills need constant practice. The same happens in your faith walk as well. This is why I am constantly asking you to check each year if you are growing in your faith, or falling back into your old sinful habits. To be a saint you must grow in your faith each year, ever striving for perfection in sainthood. So as you graduate from one decade to another, you have different experiences which you can share with younger people in helping them to improve their faith. Do not be critical of anyone in their faith progress because some are slower, or have not received the same training as you have. Learn to truly love Me and others, and that will take a lifetime to perfect yourself.”