Wireless computer feature: (avoid using to stop tracking) April 25, 2009: (7-29-09)

At St. Paul’s Adoration in Troy, N.Y. I could see a very high cell tower with many antennae on it. Jesus said: “My people, the cell phone companies have been able with money to persuade many people to put up these high cell towers so people could have the convenience of wireless phones. Most people do not realize it, but this service is also for transmitting data as well as voices. These towers are linked with satellites that could transmit voices and data all over the world. I have warned you not to accept microchips in your body so the one world people cannot control you through voices against your will. These same cell towers could be used to control people such as those who took chips in their body. This is a hidden agenda by the one world people to use these cell towers for this reason of control which is what they wanted from the beginning. This is another reason not to accept these chips in the body because then they could control you all over the world and detect your whereabouts. By not having any chips or smart cards, then these evil ones could not find you. I love all of My faithful, and I will provide for all of your needs without needing any microchips.”