Refuge healing of sick: (by luminous cross and spring water) October 18, 2007: (7-24-09)

At Holy Name after Communion I could see a small calm pool of water with a falls in the background. This was the healing water at a refuge. Jesus said: “My people, many faithful will be led by their guardian angels to the nearest refuge during the tribulation. Once they arrive there, they will see miraculous springs of water for drinking and bathing. The real miracles will occur when people will drink or wash with this water, and they would be healed of all of their medical problems. Those, who look on the luminous cross in the sky over the refuges, would also be healed of any sicknesses. These refuges will be places of protection from the evil ones who will be trying to kill you. You will see an angel at each refuge given authority to protect all who come there. Food, water, and shelters will also be multiplied in miracles to provide for all of your necessities. Give praise and glory to your Lord who will see to your needs and protection during the coming tribulation.”