Swine Flu: (Worsen in fall; vaccine-avoid taking; quarantines) April 30, 2009: (7-20-09)

I could see a young child playing and I realized that these little ones will be vulnerable to the latest flu bugs. Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you before not to take any flu shots because they are putting viruses in these shots that could make you more vulnerable to the latest swine flu. This latest epidemic will be man-made and they will propose a vaccine that is supposed to protect you from this flu strain. Unfortunately, this will be a cruel hoax that will actually make you more vulnerable to the current swine flu. Continue to avoid these flu shots, even if they try to force them on the population. There will be various quarantines that could be used by the one world people to try and gain control for their North American Union. Pray for My protection and any needed healing from these man-made diseases.”