Guardian Angel sign:(Shechinah sign to refuges,protection miracles) July 31, 2008: (7-18-09)

At the Eternal Father prayer group at Holy Name Adoration I could see multiple crosses passing by me in the air which indicated that there would be a fair number of martyrs for the faith during the tribulation. Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages about making preparations to leave your house for a safe haven refuge. Those, who leave their homes before martial law is declared, have a better chance of being protected at My refuges. Call on Me at the time that I will tell you, and your guardian angel will lead you with a physical sign to the nearest place of refuge. They will make you invisible so you would not be captured. Those, who purposely stay in their homes after martial law, are risking the men in black who will come and take you off to the death camps. Follow My directions if you wish to be alive at My refuges.”