Electronic Addictions: (attractions of the world, need God’s help) November 3, 2006: (7-13-09)

At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see some men drinking at a bar and then all of the beer bottles disappeared. Jesus said: “My people, in your life you are challenged by much stress in the work place and in providing a living for your family. Some people have reached to addictions of drinking, smoking, and drugs to try and relieve their stress, but their excesses now are causing other problems to their family and their bodies. Even other addictions as gambling, pornography, and computers cause problems to your finances, your marriages and lost social skills. Some addictions are physical abuses and require a complete withdrawal of these substances and rehabilitation. All other addictions also require a removal of the agent causing the addiction or minimal contact. The most important rule is not to let anything so control your mind that it takes you away from everything else in your life including your prayer time. Do not let any addiction be an idol to you above Me. This is another warning that something in your life is more important than Me. Worldly things are cold without souls or love. Love is an expression of the soul and spirit, and it can only be satisfied in Me and loving others. Focus more on the spiritual life instead of letting earthly things so distract you from your mission of striving for heaven and saving souls.”