Martial Law: (drills-test of readiness, North American Union) Our Lord referred to the following message as He was concerned about the planned national exercise by FEMA and Homeland Security in the last week of July. June 19, 2009: (7-10-09)

At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see someone placing charges of dynamite and plastic explosives to destroy a famous bridge or building by an incident made to look like a terrorist act. Jesus said: “My people, in days past you were focused on an endless war on terrorists, and you still are active in such wars. The latest new people in office have kept a low profile with a new vocabulary for fighting wars. You still are dealing with cells of terrorists, but another event is being planned to hit multiple cities at once with massive explosions. Your economy and banking are still recovering from this financial crisis which was also created. A major terrorist event could send your country into martial law with enough confusion created by bombings. The one world people will use any opportunity for a takeover, even if they have to create such an event themselves. The economic crisis, the pandemic virus, and any seeming terrorist attacks could all be used by the one world people in a takeover of America under martial law and emergency Executive Orders. Be prepared for any events that could trigger martial law because this will be the time to call on Me and My angels to lead you to safety at My refuges. Trust in My help and early warning to leave for My refuges.”