Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010: (St. George)
Jesus said: “My people, not everyone has a conversion experience as Saul was changed to St. Paul when he was knocked off of his horse and I spoke to him plainly for everyone to hear. This miraculous conversion was complete with a healing of his temporary blindness. To change a vigorous persecutor of the faith into one of My greatest missionaries of the Gentiles is another sign to you that with Me, all things are possible. Be grateful to God if you have received the gift of faith and you are practicing your belief. In essence everyone, who converts to a belief in Me, is receiving a miracle of faith in their gift. Those, who fully believe in Me and repent of their sins, are promised eternal salvation with Me in heaven. Faith needs to be nourished daily with prayer to Me and if possible with your daily bread in daily Mass and Communion. Faith is not static, but it needs to be active and led by the Holy Spirit to grow. Faith is a love for Me so deep that you want to share it with others by your evangelization efforts. By imitating My life and that of St. Paul, you will be inspired to live a fruitful Christian life of love.”

Jesus said: “My people, in this vision I am showing you the power of My Blessed Sacrament when you come to give Me honor and glory in Adoration of My sacramental Presence in My Eucharist. I encourage everyone to come and visit Me whenever you make time for Me in your quiet time of contemplative prayer. You believe in faith that I am truly before you in My Real Presence. When you need to determine My discernment of what you should be doing, make a point to come before My Blessed Sacrament, and I will show you the way that is best for your soul. This is how I lead you by encouraging you to imitate My life of peace and humility. If you have Me with you, then who could be against you? I give you the strength to accomplish your mission in your daily activities. Call on Me in your morning prayers to guide you, and call on Me in your evening prayers to contemplate on what you have done for the day. By meditating on the day’s activities, you can see any errors in your actions and learn from your mistakes. Be willing to accept any correction that you need in your life to perfect your ways which will bring you closer to Me. I love all of you, and I want to keep you on the right path to heaven. By a prayerful life and the use of My sacraments, you can be directed in a holy life to love Me and your neighbor in all of your actions. Go and evangelize souls by sharing your faith and love of Me.”

Regarding if St. Edward’s is a refuge: Jesus said: “My people, I do not force Myself on anyone, so if someone truly discerns in prayer that they wish to have a refuge, then I will accommodate that person in their ‘yes’ to this work. On a church property this land has already been consecrated. All refuges eventually need to have an independent source of water, whether it be a well, a pond, or other body of water. If there is no such source, I will have My angels produce a water flow just as at Lourdes, France. There should be some buildings for shelter that could be multiplied later for people to stay. There also should be some storage of food supplies that could also later be multiplied. I will bring deer to the refuge for meat and My angels will lead people to this refuge. Over all refuges I will place My luminous cross for people to be healed by looking on it. As My chosen ones lead My people, there will be many gifts of healing bestowed on them in the end days. Trust in My angels helping anyone who agrees to have one of My refuges. I thank and bless all of them.”