Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011: (St. Anne’s feast day)
St. Anne said: “My dear children, I am so happy that you have been praying your novena intentions to Me as intercessor for you. Just as Jesus listens to his Mother Mary, He also listens to His grandmother. I have given your requests over to Jesus. I also want to thank all of you for your long trip to visit My Shrine. I know such travel is long and difficult, but we in heaven have been guarding your safety. You have seen the vigil of pilgrims as they have walked these grounds at night with your candles. These are all beautiful tributes to my presence here. Your pictures of my relic should be shared with your friends back home because many miracles of healing have been received here. Our Lord has granted all of you many graces for your pilgrimage, and your reward will be stored in heaven. Go now in His grace as we will continue to watch over you in your daily works.”

Jesus said: “My people, the antics being played out between your President and Congress has the appearance of children complaining that they want things their own way. The House Republicans do not want new taxes, but they will accept tax reform with cuts in the budget equal to increases in the debt ceiling. The Democrats do not want any cuts in entitlements, even though there is an unfunded $56 trillion liability that cannot continue. Cuts in spending have not even gone beyond $1 trillion when you have $1.6 trillion deficits projected every year. Neither side is willing to face the reality that your spending is out of control, regardless of the debt ceiling that needs to be raised. Pray that your politicians will come to their senses to resolve your short term problem, and work on long term spending cuts, or your country will be facing bankruptcy and a government takeover.”