Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013: (St. Cosmas & St. Damian)
(Carol’s deceased father) Camille said: “Good morning John, I am happy to see you and share my feelings. I still love Lydia, and I am watching out for her. You can sense an urgency, and a high volume in my voice, as I am trying to get the attention of our family members who should be going to Sunday Mass. I know that I cannot change people’s free will, but I am doing everything in my power to wake these people up, before it is too late. I do not want any of our members to face the hell experience that I witnessed. Hell is an eternal punishment that you do not want to take lightly. If you do not love God and your neighbor in your prayers, Masses, and your actions, then you are risking a judgment to hell. Wake up, all of you! Because the time is getting short when you may not have time to be reconciled with your Lord. I am concerned for your souls because I want all of you to be saved in heaven. Do not wait until the last moment to come to your Jesus. He is waiting to forgive your sins in Confession, and for you to come back to the Church and His sacraments. Cleansing your souls of sin, and seeking the Lord’s forgiveness is necessary to be saved. Listen to my pleading, so your souls can rest with Jesus in peace and love. God bless all of you, and come closer to Jesus.”

(Helen Brown’s funeral memorial) Helen said: “I am happy to see my family, my friends, and the sisters here at my memorial service. I want to thank Fr. Jack for his kind words during his homily. I had a rich life of service for my family members, and many memorable experiences in my life. I love all of my family and friends, and I will be praying for all of you. I enjoyed the many years that our 6:30 Mass group met for breakfast. With your prayers and this Mass, I am now with Jesus and Mary in heaven. Thank you all again for sharing your love with Me, while I was with you.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, many of your Congress people are talking of a possible government shutdown if a bill to continue the government’s funding is not passed by October 1st. Many Republicans are trying to stop funding Obamacare, but the Senate Democrats will be stripping that part of the current legislation. If the House does not accept this bill from the Senate, there is a possibility of a government shutdown. Pray that your economy will survive this partisan struggle.”

Jesus said: “My people, right after settling the budget, your Congress will need to raise the National Debt Limit. Because your government is spending more than it takes in with taxes, you are running near $1 trillion dollar deficits. You are spending almost 40% more dollars than your collected taxes. This is why your sequester was an attempt to cut some of this spending. Again, unless your parties come to a compromise, America will default on paying its bills. Because of these last minute decisions, you could see your rating agencies lower your credit standing which could cost more interest. Because the Democrats and Republicans are not bending, this is why there needs to be a compromise for passing both the budget and the debt limit. Keep praying here that your country does not default on its debts.”

Jesus said: “My people, October 1st is when people will start signing up for the exchange premium health insurance. Some states are still not changing their Medicaid funding that was supposed to help finance this new law. Individuals and small businesses will bear the first payments or penalties of the new law. There are many questions about the cost of medical benefits when fees and co-payments are added to the premiums. Each side for and against this law are quoting different numbers. The other problem will be if enough doctors are going to be available to take the large number of new patients. It will take time to work out any needed fixes to make this come close to working. Everyone needs health care, but how to pay for it, will be a problem.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen a major tragedy in Pakistan when homes collapsed and people were buried under debris with a 7.7 earthquake. These large earthquakes, as a 7.0 in Peru, have become more frequent, and more people are being killed when they occur in highly populated areas. Many aid organizations are responding to this earthquake in Pakistan, but it is hard to get help to such a remote area. Pray that these people can recover from such devastation.”

Jesus said: “My people, even though your farmers are predicting a good harvest for their crops, there is always a problem of distributing the needed food to the hungry people that need it. In America you have shelves that are full now. In other countries, they are not as successful. Once chips are required in your charge cards, and even in your body, then access to buying your food could be a problem if you refuse a chip in the body. The coming famine will be man-made either because your money will become worthless, or you will not be able to buy food without a chip in your body. Once mandatory chips in the body are required to buy food, then you will have to come to My refuges. Do not take any chips in your body for any reason, or you will be controlled like a robot. This is why you will need My refuges for your food.”

Jesus said: “My people, winning your saintly crown is not easy for a Christian in this evil world. You are constantly being persecuted for standing up against abortion, gay marriage, and euthanasia. You also are facing discrimination in the workplace when you stand up against the government mandates. You are forced to tolerate others, but they do not tolerate your beliefs. Keep struggling to follow My laws, and you will be vindicated in the end.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to see so much injustice going on that is causing people to lose their good paying jobs, and their homes either from the economy or from disasters. If you can help some suffering people, it would gain you merits in heaven, especially for your own relatives and friends. Any physical suffering could also be offered up to help another soul. Wars and drug killings are difficult to understand, and hard to find solutions. It is the killers who will have to face Me at their judgment. Pray for all of these suffering people who cannot find people to help them.”