Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, the Kingdom of God is like a precious pearl that a man sold all of his possessions to own that pearl. The Kingdom of God is like a beautiful piece of land that a farmer sold everything in order to buy it. In reality My Kingdom cannot be purchased by anything of this world. Instead, you must give up your free will to Me and seek My forgiveness of your sins. Offer up all of your good works to Me, and I will store them in your heavenly treasure box. I give everyone the opportunity for salvation, but you must take My love to heart and love everyone equally. By doing everything for My glory, I will welcome you into the Kingdom of heaven. The Kingdom of God is upon you in My Real Presence of My Blessed Sacrament. Rejoice that you can receive Me daily into your soul.”

At St. Brother Andre’s tomb: I felt the tingling sensation of the holiness of this saint. St. Brother Andre said: “I thank you for honoring me here on your pilgrimage. I also will present the petitions of your candles to Jesus. Many people have been healed through my intercession. I am sending the healing graces of Jesus upon those that you are praying for. These people need to believe that Jesus can heal them, and they will be healed.”