Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, you have read the book about the ‘Harbingers’ and how there is a parallel between how Israel was taken over, and how America could be repeating the same fate. In Israel the people worshiped Baal, and they refused to listen to the prophets who warned them to return to worship Me alone, and obey the Commandments. Because this stiff-necked people would not change their evil ways, I allowed the Assyrians to defeat Israel, and carry them off to the Babylonian Exile. In America you are also worshiping the gods of materialism and sports instead of Me. I have sent My prophets, as yourself, to warn the people to change their evil ways of abortion, or I will allow others to take you over and put you into exile. America is being tested by similar harbingers that Israel faced. Unless America repents of its sins and changes its ways, your country will suffer a takeover by the one world people, and you will lose your freedoms completely. Wake up America, before it is too late, or My punishment will fall on you because of your evil ways.”

The Holy Spirit said: “I come in wind and fire to bring you My gifts so you will be prepared for the events that are coming. I am coming at an unusual time because time is growing short before you will have to leave for Our refuges. I help you in writing your messages and in giving your talks. I also bring My healing graces over those people who you are praying over, and I help you in choosing the most appropriate messages to share with the people. My coming is special for what is coming on the earth at this time. You are sensing from the recent messages that something serious is stirring. The beginning of the tribulation is near when it will follow the Warning. People all over the world will take notice of the events on the day of the Warning. This will be the biggest outpouring of the Divine Mercy since Jesus was crucified. Not everyone will be converted, but there will be many miracles of conversion. Keep close to Us in your daily prayers, and you will have no fear, but you will have peace in your soul.”