Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, this underground door leads to one of the underground cities that has been prepared for only the VIPs with taxpayer money. You know that the one world people are preparing for a possible takeover, and a possible revolution. They have stored away extra food and ammunition in their underground bunkers. When the people do not see any more checks for welfare, Social Security, and other government jobs, there will be a hue and cry over a government shutdown. This is a real possibility if your Congress does not pass a Budget, and it does not raise the National Debt Limit. The one world people have been looking for an excuse for a government takeover, and they could use a fight between your political parties as such an excuse. Shutting down the government could trigger chaos and riots, and the banks and your electric grids could be shut down as well. This would be when the VIPs would retreat to their underground cities to wait out any crisis. My faithful, who have extra money at home, as well as food and water, would also be ready. The problem will come when looters will be looking for food and water. If riots get bad, then My faithful may also have to retreat to My refuges with your guardian angels. You can share your food until people with guns will make it difficult for anyone to survive. Be prepared for such a takeover, and have things prepared to come to My refuges. You have been warned about this day coming for some time, and it is getting very close. Trust in Me to protect you, and provide for your needs.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, you need to tell your leaders that you do not have to get involved with the war in Syria. Your government is moving warships to Syria, and it is complaining about nerve gas being used to kill a few hundred rebels. This same tactic of using weapons of mass destruction to start a war, is similar to when you went into Iraq to remove its dictator. Such war actions should be approved by your Congress, and not just a passive approval. America could only degrade its military, and increase its deficit by getting involved with another war. It is not clear which side you are helping, and you could risk a confrontation with Russia. It is also not clear which side might have used chemical weapons. America is not being threatened, and your goals are not clear what such an incursion would accomplish. Pray for peace that your President does not make a big mistake. It is the one world people who want war in the Middle East. I have warned you in earlier messages with the meteor over Russia, that you could see another war in the Middle East.”